Reach New Heights Campaign


Reach New Heights: The Campaign for SUNY Adirondack

It is clear to me that no other educational institution guides our region’s future more than SUNY Adirondack. It prepares our community to meet its needs, and stimulates our economic development. SUNY Adirondack is our community’s college, and its support is crucial to our long term economic vitality.
     - Tori J. E. Riley, President and CEO, Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce


An investment for our bright future

In recent months New York State, Warren, and Washington counties have invested more than $31 million dollars for initiatives at SUNY Adirondack that will have a lasting impact on the economic future of our region.  But in order to receive this funding, there is a local fund match.  We invite you to join with other community leaders to help meet this challenge. 

We proudly launch Reach New Heights, the $2.1 million campaign for SUNY Adirondack that advances our region’s growth and vitality through three critical priorities. 

  • Support STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Through Equipping Exceptional Science and Healthcare Training Facilities: $1.5 Million
  • Advance Our Region’s Economic Prosperity by Improving Student Success and Increasing Graduation Rates: $250,000
  • Attract and Retain Local Employers, Support Entrepreneurs, and Prepare a Workforce that Supports the Economy: $350,000

For more information and to schedule an appointment to learn more about our campaign, call the SUNY Adirondack Foundation at 518.743.2243.

Campaign Chairs
Tenée Rehm Casaccio
Bill Hart

Honorary Chairs
Thomas and Sally Hoy

College President
Kristine Duffy, Ed.D.

Steering Committee
Holly Ahern, Faculty Giving Co-Chair
Kevin Ankeny, Faculty Giving Co-Chair
John Arpey, Esq.
Constance Bosse ’72
Professor Emeritus A. Nicholas Buttino
Patrick M. Canavan ‘91
Richard J. Ferguson
Pam Fisher
Arleen V. Girard
Kathleen B. Hogan, Esq.
Kurt W. Jaeger, Corporate and Business Giving Co-Chair
Bob Joy, Planned Giving Chair
Connie Gerarde Niles, Corporate and Business Giving Co-Chair
D. Michael Niles, Corporate and Business Giving Co-Chair
Patricia Pietropaolo, Ph.D.
Michael Prutsman, Staff Giving Co-Chair
Alan Redeker
Dr. John Rugge, Medical Community Giving Chair
Dr. Jeffrey Sawyer, ‘09 Adjunct Faculty Giving Chair
Ron Stewart

SUNY Adirondack Foundation Staff
Rachael Hunsinger Patten, Executive Director
Jill T. Vogel, Assistant Director and Staff Giving Co-Chair
Kim Thomas, Administrative Assistant

Campaign Counsel
Chris Stowers, Winkler Group