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High school juniors and seniors can take college-level courses through SUNY Adirondack’s College Academy.

SUNY Adirondack has established a College Academy in accordance with State Education Department guidelines in order to provide academically capable high school juniors and seniors opportunities to take college-level courses. SUNY Adirondack guidelines require an average of 80% or higher and a recommendation from the high school guidance counselor or principal. The College Academy Application form is available for download or can be obtained from a high school guidance counselor. College Academy students are ineligible for both federal and state aid.

Students can choose from a variety of SUNY Adirondack classes available to them at their high school, earn college credits and are offered at reduced rates.

Types of Classes offered:

  • Art
  • Business
  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • Math
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science

Please see your guidance counselor to inquire about current offerings at your high school. Students will be required to complete a college academy application/registration form. This form must be completed each semester. All decisions are at the discretion of the Assistant Dean for Extended Programs.

Students have the ability to study either full or part-time at either of SUNY Adirondack’s two locations Queensbury and Wilton, or online Students should meet with their guidance counselor to discuss courses need to complete high school graduation.

  • Work toward an Associate Degree, or start earing credits for transfer
  • Full catalog of courses available
  • Full Tuition rate
  • Academic Advisor for Full-time students 
  • Free tutoring
  • Accommodations 

Students will be required to complete a college academy application/registration form. This form must be complete each semester. All decisions are at the discretion of the Assistant Dean for Extended Programs.

Applicants entering their senior year may be considered for full-time study, juniors will only be considered for courses under a part time status.

Degree Programs 

Transfer Opportunities

Homeschool students can enroll part-time in their junior year in our Campus Academy Programs and are eligible for full-time enrollment in their senior year allowing them to take classes on our Queensbury Campus, Wilton Extension Center, or online. For more information see Campus Academy above. Homeschooled students will be required to submit the following for consideration:

  1. College Academy Application, this will need to be submitted each semester student is taking courses.
  2. The superintendent from the public school system in which you reside provide the following statement on school letterhead:

To Whom it May Concern, 

"(insert student’s name) will be in (grade) in the fall/spring of (year). His/her overall GPA is (insert number). He/she will have completed the requirements necessary to complete (grade) by June of this year. The (student’s family name) have complied with the New York state Education Regulations for Home Schooling , section 100.10, and I have received all appropriate paperwork.”

  1. Submit quarterly reports to the Assistant Dean of Extended Programs.

Click HERE to download the handbook.

College Academy Application/Registration Form

College Academy Withdrawal Form (To be used after the first week of class.)

College Academy Add/Drop Form (To be used prior to the start of the second week of classes.)

Billing Information/Certificate of Residency Forms (Warren, Washington and Saratoga): All NYS residents are required to submit a Certificate of Residence. For more information, click HERE. (See "Certificate of Residence FAQs" section)

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The Accessibilities Services Office provides equal educational opportunities to students with disabilities by ensuring full access to all programs, activities an facilities of the college. For more information, click HERE.

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Early College Career Academy

Think earning credit for college has to wait until you graduate? Think again.

Earn up to 32 tuition-free credits toward an Associate degree in this early high school program, helping you gain valuable job skills and work experience at the same time toward a degree.


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To learn more about the SUNY Adirondack College Academy programs, contact:

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