Wireless Network

All students, faculty and staff have the right to use the wireless network that is available at SUNY Adirondack. At this time we do not have a public access wireless network.

To access the wireless network you must know your SUNY Adirondack login name and password. To obtain your login name access your Banner account, click on the Personal Information tab. At the top of this page will be listed all of the information that is specific to the wireless network. To obtain your account information and password, click on Lookup Network ID and Password. The account and password that are listed can not be changed.

The ACC wireless network is available in all buildings,excluding the Residence Hall, on the SUNY Adirondack Queensbury campus. Wireless is also available at the Wilton extension site but not the Culinary Arts Center. Not all outside areas have coverage.

If you had been connected to the wireless prior then you should uninstall the Aruba Client for all Windows machines. For any other device "Forget Network" and reboot prior to connecting using the new settings.

  • Find "accwireless"
  • Enter the security key/WPA key: Login in to your Banner account to find this information
  • Connect or join the network
  • Authenticate - you may need to open up a web browser for the prompts to show on your device
    • Account: SUNY Adirondack Network account
    • Password: SUNY Adirondack Network account password

Windows RT

If you receive a prompt that states "You are not connected" click on "Fix the Issue" you will then be transferred to the Authenticate screen mentioned above.

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