Summer Enrichment Grades 4-6

8:15 to 10:15 a.m.

Forensic Science
8:15 to 10:15am | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday
Spend 24 fun-filled hours learning all you can about forensic science from Mr. Biss, who developed the first forensic science class at SUNY Adirondack back in 1987. You will:

  • Learn how to perform hands-on experiments dealing with evidence collection, blood splatter analysis, skeleton reconstruction and DNA fingerprinting, to name a few.
  • Stage a crime scene, then document it with sketches, digital cameras and videos. These will help you determine how the tool marks, fingerprints, blood splatter, footprints, DNA and more are used to figure out what happened and who did it.
  • Discuss firearms, bullet holes, arson, explosions, illegal drugs, counterfeit money and documents, as well as how they are discovered and analyzed by the modern forensic scientist.

Instructor: Joe Biss III
Price: $145 Course price includes a $15 materials fee.
CRN: 70083

Growing Sustainable Minds NEW!
8:15 to 10:15am | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Interested in expanding your mind, appetite and green thumb? Then Growing Sustainable Minds is the course for you! Join 3rd grade teacher and environmentalist Emily Gugliotta for an engaging, hands-on STEM course where you will learn about growing and eating food cultivated in a sustainable environment. Learn what sustainable agriculture is, why it is important and how to select sustainably grown food at the grocery store. Each day, prepare a healthy snack to record in your own recipe book. You’ll also learn about the health and environmental benefits of sustainably grown food, as well as grow, care for and harvest your own tray of microgreens with a daily visit to the SUNY Adirondack greenhouse.

Instructor: Emily Gugliotta
Price: $145 Course price includes a $15 materials fee.
CRN: 70074

Exploring Entrepreneurship: Ideas Come to Life NEW!
8:15 to 10:15am | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Can your idea be the next big thing? Explore the process of taking an idea for a product or service from thought to reality. Create a brand and plan to market it. Determine what it would take to build it from the ground up. See how business creators take a thought and bring it to market. Learn about the components of a business plan. Finally, pitch your idea with a presentation at the end of the program.

Instructor: Kenneth Santucci
Price: $135 Course price includes a $5 materials fee.
CRN: 70081

The Art of Mosaics NEW!
8:15 to 10:15am | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Learn the ancient, intricate art of mosaics, an art form dating back to 3rd millennium B.C. You will learn how to place glass and ceramic tiles onto a board depicting a portrait, landscape, still life or a design drawn by you! At the completion of the course, impress your friends and family by taking home a finished piece that you’ve designed and personalized.

Instructor: Sharon Lombardi
Price: $145 Course price includes a $15 materials fee.
CRN: 70076

10:30 a.m.  to 12:30 p.m.

Basic Outdoor Skills
10:30am to 12:30pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Learning about the natural world is fun! With so many wonderful outdoor activities to enjoy in our region, Basic Outdoor Skills will give you the tools and the confidence to enjoy them safely. Discover the basic skills needed to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe and responsible manner. From choosing the proper gear, to seeing what plants are poisonous, and what to do if you are lost in the woods, this class is your ticket to a good time in the great outdoors. You will also learn how to build a stove and what you can and should eat. Fire safety, map and compass use, and how to build a shelter will also be covered.

Karie Provanchie is an Adventure Sports Program Assistant and adjunct instructor at SUNY Adirondack.

Instructor: Karie Provanchie
Price: $149 Course price includes a $20 materials fee.
CRN: 70068

Learn to Play the Ukulele NEW!
10:30am to 12:30pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Learn how to play the ukulele, a popular, portable and reasonably priced instrument that is easy to learn. Whether you want to spend time singing and strumming by yourself or with friends, you will have fun being the star at your next campfire or party. You’ll learn the fundamentals of ukulele including notes, chords, and melodies. No prior experience is necessary, but students must bring their own ukuleles. All levels are welcome.

Jeremy West is an adjunct faculty member in the Music Department at SUNY Adirondack, and teaches music courses through Continuing Education.

Instructor: Jeremy West
Price: $129
CRN: 70078

Robotics with LEGOS®
10:30am to 12:30pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Do you like LEGOS,® robots and computers? In this introduction to robotics and problem-solving course, you will work in teams to solve a series of problems by designing, constructing and programming robots to perform assigned tasks. Using the LEGO® software and a LEGO® Robotics Construction Kit, you will learn and apply the basic elements of constructing and programming a robot. This program will introduce you to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in the problem-solving process.

Benjamin Grieco
Price: $159
Course price includes a $30 materials fee.
CRN: 70064

Animation 101
10:30am to 12:30pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Watch your characters and drawings come to life! Write a story, turn it into a script, generate a storyboard, create characters and make them move by working in teams and individually using simple techniques to create animations. You will have the opportunity to work utilizing digital apps, Photoshop and hand-drawn animation techniques.

Instructor: Paula Allen
Price: $135 Course price includes a $5 materials fee.
CRN: 70057

Duct Tape Wars
10:30am to 12:30pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Have you ever heard someone say, “You can fix anything with duct tape”? You’ll be surprised at what this amazing tape can do! Duct Tape Wars will allow you to get creative with duct tape and engineering skills. There will be at least two or three duct tape competitions for you to complete in during the course. Make a boat, build an airplane glider and finally a costume or article of clothing for a final fashion show!

Instructor: Sarah Barsukoff
Price: $149 Course price includes a $20 materials fee.
CRN: 70059

1 to 3 p.m.

The Twelve Days of Science
1 to 3pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Join us as we count down The Twelve Days of Science and dedicate each day to diving into a new topic.

  1. The Coral Reef — Learn about these amazing ecosystems, what lives there and what new technologies and engineering projects are being created to protect them.
  2. Chemistry of Cooking — Find out what happens to food when we cook it, when it spoils, or when it blows up in the microwave.
  3. Bag of Bones — Look at a stack of bones and figure out who they belonged to and what happened to them, and do some simple calculations to discover other surprising characteristics!
  4. Sharks — Learn all about sharks and what makes them so special. You’ll even have the opportunity to look inside one as we discuss the engineering behind these powerful swimmers.
  5. Botany — What makes something a fruit or a vegetable? We’ll do some chopping and discover which is which.
  6. Cryptozoology — Are animals of myth and legend such as Champ, Nessie, Yeti and Bigfoot fact or fiction? Let’s see if they make sense scientifically and discuss the cryptids of New York!
  7. Physics — You’ll have the opportunity to see some physics in action and learn about the strongest forces on earth, like lightning bolts, static charges, super strong magnets, lasers and more.
  8. Exotic Animals — Which came first: the lizard or the turtle? Learn all about the strangest animals and get to see some of these living creatures right in front of you from Mr. Biss’s private collection.
  9. Anatomy and Physiology — Learn how your body works, from feeding the cells in your body to why running can give you pains in your legs. We’ll take a deeper look at the parts we discussed by dissecting a frog.
  10. Bucket O’ Mud, aka Pond Science — What can you find in a big bucket of mud, muck, seaweed and critters? After learning what’s living down below, we’ll go a step further and check the water quality with a few calculations.
  11. Population Ecology: Man’s Impact on the White-Tailed Deer —Why do we have such a huge population of white-tailed deer? Learn about genetics, invading species, climatic changes, predators, population dynamics and more.
  12. Archaeology — Are you interested in digging for artifacts, discovering what they are, and seeing what they can tell us about the past? Learn about our own area's rich history by seeing artifacts and learning a bit about the archaeological record locally.

Instructor: Joe Biss III
Price: $145 Course price includes a $15 materials fee.
CRN: 70061

All About Dogs
1 to 3pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn the language that dogs speak? Learn about dog safety, body language, games to play with your dog and proper behavior around dogs. Highlights of this class will include dog visitors and opportunities to earn “Bonus Bones” toward great prizes at the end. You don’t need to have a dog to enjoy this class! If you want to have fun and learn more about dogs, you will find that there is a lot to learn about our canine companions.

Instructor: Helen Bemis
Price: $135 Course price includes a $5 materials fee.
CRN: 70060

Radio Broadcasting & Digital Audio Production
1 to 3pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

Use the SUNY Adirondack broadcasting facilities to learn digital production and post-production skills, as well as sound recording and computer-based editing! You’ll work together with the other students to write, produce and edit a mock commercial, PSA and/or promotional spot. In addition, you will have the chance to create a scripted radio drama where you’ll play the roles of voice actors, Foley Artists, and post-production editors.

Damien Quinlan is an adjunct faculty member in the Technology Division at SUNY Adirondack

Instructor: Damien Quinlan
Price: $139
CRN: 70079

Adirondack Explorers
1 to 3pm | July 8-25 | Monday through Thursday

If you love the outdoors and want to learn more about it, join Adirondack Explorers. This course includes a blend of archery, outdoor cooking, nutrition education, physical activity and environmental education.

The beauty of the Adirondacks surrounds our college campus, and the grounds will be your classroom.

Students in this course will have an opportunity to get a taste of some of the activities they might do at an Adirondack sleepaway camp. No need to travel far this summer to enjoy the great outdoors. Become an Adirondack Explorer today!

Instructor: Cornell Cooperative Extension/ Warren County 4-H
Price: $129
CRN: 70063