Student Insurance Information

Student Accident Insurance Program


All full-time students and part-time students enrolled with 7 or more credit hours, and new Summer Session students, are automatically enrolled and covered by the Student Accident Insurance Program (Plan A). 

For Additional Information regarding Plan A (this information has not changed from last semester and this coverage is Accident Only):

  • Choose SUNY Adirondack - Accident Plan
    • Choose Forms
      • Choose 2014-2015 Brochure


If you do not have health insurance or your health insurance costs too much, you (students AND non-students) can enroll in health coverage through the New York Health Exchange.  This fact sheet details the program.  

Please do not assume that you cannot afford health insurance - there are many factors which affect the rate you may pay.  Other options may be available including assistance through the County in which you maintain your permanent residence.

Do you have questions?  Please call their Helpline at 1-855-355-5777 Monday-Friday between 8am-8pm and Saturday between 9am-1pm.

The Office of the Dean for Student Affairs provides this information to students, however, if you have specific questions regarding coverage or how to enroll, you will need to call customer service at the above number for assistance.