If you are a recent high school graduate and you received accommodations in high school, you may be familiar with the term IEP or 504 plan.  You can request your high school send us your IEP (or 504 plan) and your most recent evaluation (typically called a Psycho-Educational Evaluation).  This evaluation will include:
  • actual scores from tests that are statistically reliable and valid and standardized for use with an adult population,
  • a narrative of your performance on the evaluation, and
  • the evaluator's name, title, professional credentials, and dates of the testing.


If you are not a recent graduate or you didn't receive services in high school, you can submit documentation that meets the following criteria.


The report must :

  1.  be current and relevant and written by a qualified professional (*who is not related to you);
  2. include a clear diagnostic statement (can include DSM5 Axes) with a description of the duration and severity of condition and the current impact of (or limitation imposed by) the disability within the college setting;
  3. include a statement regarding treatments or services used to minimize the impact of a disabling condition;
  4. list currently prescribed medications if the side effects of such medications create barriers to learning;
  5. include recommendations for accommodations that are reasonable and validated by current documentation; and 
  6. be typed on letterhead that includes the professional's name, professional credentials, contact information (address and telephone number), and dates of evaluation;

Please note: a handwritten note or 'prescription' cannot be accepted as documentation. 


Documentation can be sent directly to our office the following ways:
Scan & e-mail to: (Preferred Method)
Fax to: 518-743-2241
Mail to:  SUNY Adirondack
              Attn: Steve Trevlakis
              640 Bay Rd
              Queensbury NY 12804






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