Residence Life

House Rules and Regulations

Living on-campus is a privilege that comes with responsibilities.

We want the Residence Hall to remains a safe, welcoming place for ALL students.

Read the Residence Life Handbook, 2016-2017 academic year, for everything you need to know.


The Office of Residence Life will:

  1. Create an atmosphere conducive to learning, provide referral to appropriate academic support services and provide and assist in the academic advising process in the Residence Hall.
  2. Implement and foster a comprehensive educational component supporting students by providing programming enhancing understanding of cultural, ethnic, gender, physical, racial, sexual orientation and religious differences.
  3. Create and maintain a residence hall community in which students take responsibility for comprehending and enriching their environment while respecting the rights and needs of others within the SUNY Adirondack community.
  4. Provide students with affordable and comfortable on-campus housing accommodations.
  5. Facilitate the adjustment and transition of new students to SUNY Adirondack through various programs (e.g., new student orientation).
  6. Provide a disciplinary structure promoting and encouraging student accountability and responsibility.
  7. Provide values-based educational programming to raise student awareness of social, emotional, mental and physical health, substance abuse and responsible sexual behavior.
  8. Stimulate and encourage student participation in campus and community organizations.
  9. Strengthen recruitment and selection procedures to attract a high-quality and diverse professional and para-professional staff.
  10. Provide a comprehensive training and a developmental program for professional and para-professional staff.
  11. Have professional staff stay current with trends in higher education by keeping pace with student development theory through publications, attendance at conferences and participation in professional organizations.
  12. Provide a comprehensive ongoing evaluation/assessment of the housing and residence life operation including its personnel, programs and procedures.

Learning Communities

VISTA Expand Your Outlook

Adirondack VISTA is a group-based sequence of courses that promotes personal academic success from a more global perspective, including recognition of personal, regional and world issues. Students will examine how their own lives —including work, school, advertising and consumer culture — impact personal pathways to achieving goals. As a group, students will engage with contemporary cultural issues to come to a deeper understanding of their roles in an increasingly complex world. Credits can be applied to almost any SUNY Adirondack degree. All students in the program live on a shared floor within the Residence Hall.


Freshmen Seminar with Housing

HRD 110 is a college orientation course to introduce students to college resources and requirements. Class activities will help develop the necessary skills to encourage college success. The course will include academic advisement, career information, study skills, note-taking, time management and research.  As with the Adirondack VISTA program, students in this section of HRD 110 will be housed together in the Residence Hall.