Spring 2017 Personal Enrichment


Community Members are welcome to participate in other SUNY Adirondack ensembles. Please contact the Music Department Director, Diane Bargiel, at bargield@sunyacc.edu for more information about playing in any of the ensembles.

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Precussion Ensemble
  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • Vocal Ensemble (audition required)
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Piano Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Rock Music Ensemble

SUNY Adirondack Symphonic Band
January 25 to May 5, Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm
Comprised of an intergenerational mix of community members and SUNY Adirondack music majors and non-music majors, the Symphonic Band welcomes music lovers who have a background in playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. There are no auditions, and a positive attitude is required. Public concert(s) will be included in the program. (The first rehearsal is a sight-reading session, so bring your instrument.)
Instructor: Diane Bargiel
Price: Free
CRN: 20006

SUNY Adirondack Chorale
January 23 to May 5, Mondays from 7 to 9 pm
The chorale is intended for individuals who enjoy group singing and involves weekly group rehearsals. No previous experience is necessary, and no audition is required. Public concert(s) will be included in the program.
Instructor: Miriam Enman
Price: Free
CRN: 20007

International Education

SUNY Adirondack offers international education courses that include trips to many countries throughout the world. These three-or four-credit INT 204 courses begin in either the fall or spring semesters with travel occurring over winter, summer or spring breaks. The one-week or two-week travel experience portion of the course allows students to safely engage in the cultures of other nations. Community members may participate in international education offerings on a space-available basis through the Office of Continuing Education. 

Price: Travel fees, plus Tuition and Health Insurance fees. (Travel fees are TBD.)
Tuition: $300
Health Insurance Fee: $43.30
Please note: Guatemala and Ecuador are separate trips. 


Chocola, Guatemala, March 2017
A Guatemala medical mission will be offered during the Spring 2017 semester. The class will involve service learning in a medical/nursing capacity in a third-world country with experiences serving in a variety of capacities including:

  • Pharmacy
  • Operating room
  • Post-op recovery room
  • Health clinic for routine health care
  • Hospital experience

For more information, contact the professor: Professor Dianne Schoder at schoderd@sunyacc.edu

Ecuador, May 2017

This Spring 2017 semester, learn about the nation of Ecuador, then see it for yourself from the mountains to the Amazon. This multidisciplinary program will cover a broad range of academic subjects including anthropology and archaeology (learning about the indigenous peoples of the Andes and the Amazon), Andean and Amazonian art, biodiversity, political science and economics, various aspects of indigenous industry including textile weaving and leather shops, and the exportation and marketing of these products, as well as ecotourism and sustainability in the region. 
The class will visit indigenous markets and stay in jungle lodges and haciendas. The course offers opportunities to students interested in geography, agriculture, tropical and neo-tropical eco-zones, volcanoes, jungle wildlife, botany, marine biology, natural resource conservation and environmental science, from the Andes to the Amazon. 
Activities include day and night jungle hikes, horseback riding, jungle zipline, birdwatching and night boat/canoe safaris. The program has been designed to provide significant interaction and contact with the indigenous Andean people to facilitate an effective cultural immersion experience for the participants. Destinations will include a wide range of geographical locations, including volcanoes, high altitude mountains, jungles and rainforests (i.e., Cuyabeno Reserve), colonial haciendas, indigenous villages and Spanish Colonial Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trip concludes with a full-day excursion to the Pululahua Crater in the cloud forest with a hike to waterfalls and natural pools and a visit to the Equator Museum in Intinannas as we return to Quito.
For more information, contact the professors: Professor Valerie Haskins  at haskinsv@sunyacc.edu; Professor Elizabeth Braxton at braxtone@sunyacc.edu

Arts & Crafts

Decoupage (NEW!)
March 28 to April 11, Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate just about anything with cut outs that are pasted on and then varnished. You can also paint the background to enhance the decoration and make it as simple or as complex as you’d like. It is easy for any level of crafter, and we will decorate a box, a tray and a Christmas ornament over three different classes. All materials will be supplied, but the possibility of using graphics and/or objects you may already have will be discussed at the first class.
Instructor: Kimberly Harvish
Price: $45 (Course price includes an $18 materials fee.)
CRN: 20011

Fashion Sewing: Stretch Pencil Skirt (NEW!)
March 4, Saturday from 9 to 11:30 am 
Sketch Design Lounge, Glens Falls
Learn how to sew while making a useful, knee-length stretch skirt! Beginners are welcome. Course price includes all supplies and fabric, as well as use of a sewing machine. This class is for adults who have not sewn for some time and need a refresher or those who have always wanted to learn how to sew. Please indicate approximate skirt size when registering.
Instructor: Rhianna Hogan-Cerro, Sketch Design Lounge
Price: $45 (Course price includes a $22 materials fee.)
CRN: 20012

Jeremiah Basket (NEW!)
April 8, Saturday from 10 am to 4:30 pm (You will have a half hour lunch on your own.)
Queensbury Campus 
Learn to weave this square to oval basket on a wooden "D" handle with a base of 10-inches square and a body of 8-inches tall. This basket has an interesting lashing method using natural and dyed reed of various sizes to give it a great finished look. Please bring spring-type clothespins, a pencil, a tape measure, scissors and lunch to class. 
Please note: You must register for this class by March 29. Any withdrawals after the March 29 deadline will not receive a refund for the $28 materials fee. 
Instructor: Joyce Flower
Price: $59
CRN: 20013

Learn to Sew: Beach Tote (NEW!)
April 1, Saturday from 9 to 11:30 am
Sketch Design Lounge, Glens Falls
Learn to sew while making a large, lined beach tote — an easy project for beginners!
Course price includes all supplies, fabric and use of a sewing machine.  This class is for adults who have not sewn for some time and need a refresher or those who have always wanted to learn how to sew. 
Instructor: Rhianna Hogan-Cerro, Sketch Design Lounge
Price: $39 (Course price includes a $17 materials fee.)
CRN: 20014

Silversmithing: Design & Fabrication 
April 6 to May 1, Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm
Queensbury Campus
Would you like to learn the basic skills necessary to design and fabricate original functional or non-functional jewelry or a sculpture in metal? This class will address the skills and techniques, such as piercing, laminating and soldering, creating texture and embossing, bezel making and stone setting. Participants will have the opportunity to create either earrings, a ring, pendant, bracelet or a sculptural piece. All levels of experience are welcome, and all the necessary tools will be provided.
Instructor: Matthew Balint, Silver Parrot
Price: $115 (Course price includes a $35 materials fee.)
CRN: 20008

St. Patrick's Day Paint ‘N’ Celebrate (NEW!)
March 10, Friday from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
Join us as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day early and create a new, festive painting to get you into the spirit! ARTvoice Divine Art Studio is traveling from Amsterdam, NY to help us find our creative spark, have a blast and paint the night away with some gold paint! Course price includes a $4 materials fee and:

  • One 16-by-20-inch canvas
  • 2-hour guided instruction with artist and teacher: Tina Rodriguez
  • Paint, supplies and a smock
  • A hummus and pesto spread from local company 3 Chicks and a P
  • Printed resources to help guide you

Instructor: Tina Rodriguez, ARTvoice Divine Art Studio, Inc.
Price: $39
CRN: 20015

Wild Horses Plate — Paint ‘N’ Snack Party (NEW!)
April 13, Thursday from 6 to 8 pm
Wilton Center
Artist and educator, Tina Rodriguez, will lead you through this step-by-step process of painting on plates. Create a one-of-a-kind painting to display proudly with a stand! ARTvoice Divine Art Studio is traveling from Amsterdam, NY to help us find our creative spark and have a blast! Choose from a variety of colors and designs, and join us for a fun time you won't forget! Course price includes a $4 materials fee and:

  • One plate and stand
  • 2-hour guided instruction with artist and teacher: Tina Rodriguez
  • Paint, supplies and a smock
  • A hummus and pesto spread from local company 3 Chicks and a P
  • Printed resources to help guide you

Instructor: Tina Rodriguez, ARTvoice Divine Art Studio, Inc.
Price: $39
CRN: 20016

Mother’s Day Vase — Paint ‘N’ Snack Celebration  (NEW!)
May 13, Saturday from 4 to 6 pm
Queensbury Campus
Come out and paint for mom! Bring your mom or create the perfect gift to touch her heart. ARTvoice Divine Art Studio is traveling from Amsterdam, NY to help us find our creative spark and have a blast! Choose from a variety of vases and flowers to make mom feel special! Course price includes a $4 materials fee and:

  • One vase and practice glass
  • 2-hour guided instruction with artist and teacher: Tina Rodriguez
  • Paint, supplies and a smock
  • A hummus and pesto spread from local company 3 Chicks and a P
  • Printed resources to help guide you

Instructor: Tina Rodriguez, ARTvoice Divine Art Studio, Inc.
Price: $39
CRN: 20017

Beginning Knitting
March 22 to March 29, Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Learn the basics of knitting and have fun doing it. Students will learn how to begin a knitting project, to form the two basic knitting stitches and to end a project. There will also be discussion about the many different items one can knit, as well as various types of yarn and materials. Students will leave the class with enough knowledge to be able to begin and complete a simple project. Please bring a skein of light-colored wool or wool-blend worsted-weight yarn, a short pair of size 8 wooden knitting needles, a pair of scissors and size H crochet hook and tapestry needle.
Instructor: Jill Ramos, Jill Ramos Designs
Price: $19
CRN: 20009

Learn to Knit Socks (NEW!)
April 12 to 26, Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Learn to knit your first pair of socks. Knitted socks are warm, cozy and fun to knit. Their size makes them great to carry and work on in warmer weather. Students should know how to knit and purl. Patterns will be provided. Please bring the following to class: 

  • 400 yards of sport-weight yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • US size 5 double-pointed needles (set of 4)
  • Safety Pin

Instructor: Jill Ramos, Jill Ramos Designs
Price: $29
CRN: 20010

Beginning Lace (NEW!)
May 3, Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus

In this one-day class, students will learn how to create several different lace patterns which can be combined into either a scarf or an infinity cowl. Knitters who are new to lace or are looking for different types of lace patterns are welcome. Students should know how to knit and purl and be comfortable working increases and decreases. Patterns will be provided. Please bring the following to class: 

  • 100 yards each of sport-weight yarn in 4 different colors
  • One pair size 6 needles
  • Tapestry needle
  • Crochet hook (size G or H) and smooth cotton waste yarn for provisional cast on 

Instructor: Jill Ramos, Jill Ramos Designs
Price: $15
CRN: 20018

Finding the Light: Candle Making 101
March 25, Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm
Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY

Regardless of new technology, everyone loves the light, warmth and beauty of handmade candles. This course will introduce students to the ancient traditions of "chandlery." 
Please bring candle stubs, used candles and an assortment of favorite containers such as teacups, mason jars, seashells and vintage glassware. Expect to bring home an assortment of lovely, hand-made gifts or items for your own home. No experience necessary. Students will learn about different wax, wicks, scents, colors and molds — and will make a variety of candles using old  and new materials.
Instructor: Sarah Rodman
Price: $65 (Course price includes a $20 materials fee.)
CRN:  20019

American Tinsmithing Basics 
April 1, Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm
Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY
Learn basic 19th Century American tinsmithing from a master tinsmith. This class will introduce you to and teach you about all the tools, forming stakes, swedges and hand-operated machines used in a well-equipped 19th Century tin shop. You will be shown how to do basic layout work, cutting, forming, assembly and soldering. Complete both a finger candlestick and a wall sconce by the end of class and be amazed at what you've accomplished.
Instructor: Art Thorman
Price: $95 (Course price includes a $10 materials fee.)
CRN: 20020


Writing Fiction
March 27 to April 24, Mondays from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
Do you have a story inside you clawing to get out? Maybe you’ve always loved reading and wanted to try creating your own stories. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned writer seeking feedback? This workshop will give you the skills, inspiration and the guidance needed to improve your storytelling. Whether you’ve never typed a word in your life or you’re as prolific as Stephen King, this class can help. Writing Fiction is open to adults of all ages and abilities with a goal of making all participants better writers and readers.
Instructor: Joe Portes
Price: $45
CRN: 20021

No Excuses! Writing & Selling Your Book
April 29, Saturday from 1 to 5 pm
Queensbury Campus
John Grisham scribbled notes on a legal pad between court sessions, and those notes eventually became his best-selling novel, A Time to Kill. Recollections of growing up in depression-era Ireland compelled Frank McCourt to write his best-selling memoir, Angela’s Ashes. Is a novel or nonfiction book burning inside you? If so, learn the ins and outs of publishing from a pro who has helped dozens of students become authors. Discover how the book publishing industry works, how to pitch your idea to publishers and agents and how to guide your book to publishing success. One-on-one  consulting with the instructor  about your project eliminates any excuses preventing you from realizing your publishing dreams.
Instructor: Pauline Bartel, Bartel Communications, Inc.
Price: $49 (Course price includes a $15 materials fee.)
CRN: 20022

Writing & Selling Fiction for Kids (NEW!)
March 22 to April 12, Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Wilton Center
Whether you’re a budding Beatrix Potter or a struggling Dr. Seuss, discover the secrets of writing and selling books for kids of all ages. Learn how to develop a compelling plot, create characters that come alive on the page and write believable dialogue. Then discover how to market your stories to publishers. One-on-one consulting with the instructor and reader feedback about your manuscript help you move confidently along the path to publication.
Instructor: Pauline Bartel, Bartel Communications, Inc.
Price: $69 (Course price includes a $15 materials fee.)
CRN: 20023

How to Write a Grant Proposal 
February 23, Thursday from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
Learn how to research new grant opportunities and sharpen your grant-writing skills. The two-hour session will highlight best practices in creating successful proposals. Artists and organizations are invited to attend.
Instructor: Jane Gabriels
Price: $15
CRN: 20024

Spanish — Basic Conversation for Leisure or Travel
March 28 to May 2, Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
¡Saludos! Are you planning a trip to one of the many Spanish-speaking countries in the world? Perhaps you’ve always been interested in learning Spanish or wished you had continued after high school. Join us to start a conversation together! This course of basic, beginning Spanish conversation will provide you with the confidence you need to travel abroad. Learn greetings, niceties, asking for directions, ordering in a restaurant, shopping terms and more! Your input will help pace the class and focus our lessons, and no prior experience is necessary. Begin speaking Spanish today!
Instructor: Peter Schmidt
Price: $65
CRN: 20025

Volunteer Literacy Tutor Training
March 23 to April 27, Thursdays from 5:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Did you know that one out of five adults in our region cannot read a map, fill out a job application or follow directions on a medicine bottle? In this course, individuals will receive complete training by Literacy New York staff in order to begin tutoring an adult student in basic literacy, the English language or both. Teach reading and English to adults in the community who need help. The need for literacy tutors in the region is great! 
Instructor: Literacy New York Greater Capital Region
Price: $45 (Course price includes a $35 materials fee.)
CRN: 20026

Beginning Hebrew (NEW!)
April 4 to May 9, Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Wilton Center
Did you know Hebrew is the official language of only one country? This class is designed for the beginner who is interested in learning the Hebrew alphabet, reading, writing and some conversational Hebrew.
Instructor: Sarit Moskowitz, PhD
Price: $65
CRN: 20027

DRIVING instruction 5–Hour Pre-licensing Course
Queensbury Campus

  • February 20: 9 am to 2 pm (CRN: 20028)
  • March 20: 5 pm to 10 pm (CRN: 20029)
  • April 17: 5 pm to 10 pm (CRN: 20030)
  • May 15: 5 pm to 10 pm (CRN: 20031)
  • June 19: 5 pm to 10 pm (CRN: 70001)
  • July 17: 5 pm to 10 pm (CRN: 70002)
  • August 21: 5 pm to 10 pm (CRN: 70003)

This five-hour, pre-licensing course is required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for all applicants who want to take a road test for a driver’s license. A MV-278 completion certificate needed for road test appointments will be issued at the conclusion of this class. Students should arrive 10 minutes before class starts. Class starts promptly at the scheduled time. A New York State Learner’s Permit is required and must be brought to class. Pre-registration is required through Continuing Education.
Instructor: Bell’s Driving School
Price: $45
CRN: See above list based on date.

NYS Boating Safety Course
April 22, Saturday from 8:30 am to 5 pm
Queensbury Campus

This basic power boat and personal watercraft (PWC) class will give the knowledge needed to obtain a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary boating safety certificate for motorboat and personal watercraft operation. This course meets the boating safety education requirements for the state of New York. Many insurance companies recognize the certificate for discounts on boat insurance. 
Operators may not operate a Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, etc.) unless they are at least 14 years of age and hold a boater safety certificate issued by the USCG Auxiliary for having completed an 8-hour classroom-based course. Participants must attend all 8 hours in order to qualify for the certificate, which is issued at the end of class after passing the final exam. Students under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
Instructor: US Coast Guard Lake George Flotilla 15-10
Price: $30 (Course price includes a $20 materials fee.)
CRN: 20034

Financial planning Long-Term Care Planning & Asset Protection
April 26, Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
You’ve worked hard and accumulated money and assets. How important is it for you to choose where you live and what you eat, to keep your possessions and your money and to choose where it all goes upon your death? This class will explore senior living choices and long-term care planning to fit your mindset, your values and your budget. 
Instructor: Frank Finch, Principal of Life Stages Financial Group, Adviser with Halliday Financial  & Brian Borie, Estate Planning Attorney
Price: $15
CRN: 20035

Retirement Income Planning: Creating Your Personal Pension
May 1, Monday from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
The media highlights the retirement crisis facing Americans. This class attacks that crisis by arming attendees with an action plan for predictable retirement income. For most, an ideal retirement is funded by steady income without having to work. Social Security benefits, money in annuities, IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, CDs and cash can all be used to create an income plan to fund the retirement of your dreams. This class will help attendees understand how annuities and other investments may create your “personal pension” — a retirement income stream to give peace of mind. 
Instructor: Frank Finch, Principal of Life Stages Financial Group, Adviser with Halliday Financial  
Price: $15
CRN: 20036

Maximize Your Social Security Benefit  
March 27, Monday from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
A few key decisions can make a big difference in the amount of your Social Security benefit. Attend this hands-on workshop and learn strategies to get the most money from Social Security. Learn how to plan for taxes, health care and other costs during retirement, as well as how to wisely grow and protect your retirement income. This session will cover key Social Security benefit choices, such as individual and spousal options, and help you understand simple steps to maximize your benefit. Join us before you make financial decisions that may not be reversible. 
Instructor: Frank Finch, Principal of Life Stages Financial Group, Adviser with Halliday Financial  
Price: $15
CRN: 20037

Medicare Basics Workshop
May 4, Thursday from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
With so much media coverage and product literature bombarding your mailbox, knowledge is imperative in choosing your Medicare Health Plan. At this workshop, you will learn all about Medicare basics and all its parts, premiums and deductibles. Learn how to evaluate and make an educated decision in choosing your Medicare plan every year with confidence. You will be able to identify the differences between a Medicare Advantage Plan, a Medicare Supplement Plan and Part D Prescription Coverage. Finally, do you know about, or do you qualify for, state prescription assistance or other available assistance programs? Join us to learn more!
Instructor: Maureen Hallaran, NSSA, Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, Ltd.
Price: $15
CRN: 20038

Retirement Planning Today
March 1 to March 8, Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Join us to learn about important considerations before making the decision to retire. Avoid common pitfalls and have all your information to get the most out of your retirement. Please note: A $15 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first class for the required workbook. Couples may share a workbook. This course will cover:

  • Life Planning for Retirement
  • Retirement Needs and Expenses
  • Retirement Income Sources
  • Investments
  • Retirement Plan Distributions
  • Retirement Roadblocks and Mistakes
  • Risk Management and Asset Protection

Instructor: Steve Hipsley, CFP
Individual Price: $40
Individual CRN: 20039
Couples Price: $65
Couples CRN: 20040


Cooking Class Book Club (NEW!)
February 17, March 10 and April 7, Fridays at 4:30 to 7:30 pm
SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Center, Queensbury
Love reading and food? This is the perfect book club for you! Throughout the course, students will read and discuss three different books — each with a food-related twist. We will discuss the chosen book at the start of the class and then go into the kitchen and prepare some of the meals mentioned in the book! Leave each class with recipes to take home and enjoy. 
Participants will learn new techniques to use in their own kitchens, as well as read new and exciting books about food, love and travel. 
Please note: You must register for this class by Feb. 10. Any withdrawals after the Feb. 10 deadline will not receive a refund for materials costs. Participants must obtain their own copy of the books.

February’s book: “The Middlesteins” by Jami Attenburg
For more than 30 years, Edie and Richard Middlestein shared a solid family life together in the suburbs of Chicago. But now things are splintering apart. With pitch-perfect prose, huge compassion and sly humor, Jami Attenberg has given us an epic story of marriage, family and obsession. The Middlesteins explores the hopes and heartbreaks of new and old love, the yearnings of Midwestern America and our devastating and fascinating preoccupation with food.

March’s book: “The Shell Seekers” by Rosamunde Pilcher
Rosamunde Pilcher's New York Times bestselling novel is a captivating tale of life and love.  A novel of connection, it is the story of one family — mothers and daughters, husbands and lovers — and of the passions and heartbreak that have held them together for three generations.

April’s book: “32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table To Working The Line” by Eric Ripert
In an industry where celebrity chefs are known as much for their salty talk and quick tempers as their food, Eric Ripert stands out. The winner of four James Beard Awards, co-owner and chef of a world-renowned restaurant and recipient of countless Michelin stars, Ripert embodies elegance and culinary perfection. But before the accolades and he even knew how to make a proper hollandaise sauce, Eric Ripert was a lonely young boy in the south of France whose life was falling apart. Taking us from Eric Ripert’s childhood in the south of France and the mountains of Andorra into the demanding kitchens of legendary Parisian chefs until Ripert made his way to the United States at the age of 24, 32 Yolks is the tender and richly told story of how one of our greatest living chefs found himself — and his home — in the kitchen.
Instructor: Chef Megan Diehl
Price: $95 (Course price includes a $35 materials fee.)
CRN: 20048

Cemetery Preservation Workshop (NEW!)
April 29, Saturday from 10 am to Noon
Rice Cemetery, South Glens Falls
In the 1840s, the Rural Cemetery Movement was the start of the end of burial grounds found on family farms and in local church yards. There are many cemeteries that have been neglected, lost and forgotten and may be run by not-for-profit cemetery associations that have gravestones in need of conservation and preservation. Reed Antis, local cemetery preservationist, will show participants proper cleaning techniques and how to straighten leaning gravestones properly. There will be discussion of how the different types of gravestones have changed throughout the years.  The instructor will address what tools and equipment are needed for participants to work safely on the gravestones.
Participants should wear proper clothing for this activity and dress for the weather.
Instructor: Reed Antis
Price: $20 (Course price includes a $5 materials fee.)
CRN: 20047

So You Want to Play the Mandolin
March 22 to April 19, Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
This class is designed for the beginner — those folks who are interested in playing the mandolin but don't know where to start. Learn the basics of holding, tuning and playing your first notes and chords on the mandolin, as well as left- and right-hand technique and how to play a few tunes. The goal is to get students started and provide them the skills needed to play the instrument. We will take things slowly, with a focus on producing clear tone, developing muscle memory in your fingers and, most importantly, having fun. Handouts in standard notation and tablature will be provided. The only prerequisite is that you have a mandolin, an extra set of mandolin strings, an electronic tuner or a tuning app downloaded on your smartphone and a desire to play mandolin.
Instructor: Alan Epstein
Price: $70
CRN: 20041


Please note: Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician. The classroom where many of our fitness classes are held is not air-conditioned. 

Cardio and Strength Circuit
February 14 to May 11, Tuesdays & Thursdays  from 4:30 to 5:30 pm (No class on March 14 & 16.)
Queensbury Campus
Are you looking for a total-body workout that changes regularly and targets all the muscle groups? Every week you will be challenged differently with elements of step, Zumba, cardio and aerobics — tailored to your needs for a low-, medium- or high-impact workout. Stability balls and bands will also be used to enhance your workout.  Men and women of all age groups and all fitness levels are welcome, and no prior experience is needed. If you would like to see results, then this class is for you! Be sure to wear good sneakers and comfortable clothes.
Instructor: Leesa Stiller
Price: $119
CRN: 20042

Restorative Yoga
February 14 to May 9, Tuesdays from 6 to 7:15 pm (No class on March 14.)
Queensbury Campus

This is a rejuvenating and fully supported practice using props and blankets to modify and enhance traditional yoga postures. The postures gently stretch and open the body to relieve chronic tension and  stress — leading to deep relaxation and healing. Restorative breathing and meditation practices will be included. All levels are welcome. 
Please note: Students should bring a yoga mat, blanket and strap to class.
Instructor: Tobey Gifford
Price: $95
CRN: 20043

Yoga for Everyone
February 14 to May 9, Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:45 pm (No class on March 14.)
Queensbury Campus

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to practicing, flexible or not, yoga is for you! Join us for a class designed with many options to meet all levels of experience. Yoga will help you become more flexible, strong, balanced, relaxed and peaceful—both on and off the mat.
Instructor: Tobey Gifford
Price: $95
CRN: 20044 

Couch to 5K  
March 4 to May 13, Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:30 am (No class on March 18.)
Queensbury Campus

Get off the couch and get on the road with our Couch to 5K program for beginners. Your coach will ease you into the adrenaline-pumping sport of running by starting with an interval walking and jogging routine. Be amazed at what you are capable of achieving over the 10-week program!  A ¼ mile time will be taken at the first and last class so that you can see your progress. Your training will prepare you to successfully complete a local 5K race. (Participation in a race is optional, but encouraged. Participants are responsible for any race registration fees.) Are you a member of Blue Shield of NENY? This class might be free for  you — call our office for details.
Instructor: Leigh-Anne Rockower, Fitness Professionals on Demand
Price: $80
CRN: 20045

Barre Class
March 1 to May 10, Wednesdays from 6 to 7 pm (No class on March 15.)
Queensbury Campus
What is Balancé Barre? A trendy, new and effective group fitness class like no other, barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. The ballet barre (or chairs) are used as props to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training. Isometric training is holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles and engage in high reps of small range-of-motion movements. You will feel the burn! The major benefits of barre are improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility, reduced stress and improved balance and stability. The class is perfect for all fitness levels—from beginners to those who already work out. Leave class feeling challenged and invigorated! 
You'll start with a warm up and sequence of upper-body exercises using free weights, push-ups, planks and other moves to target the biceps, triceps, chest and back muscles. Next, you'll use the ballet barre (or chair) and your own body weight for resistance to focus on the legs, thighs and seat muscles. Your core will be engaged the entire class and then targeted at the end with a series of mat-based abdominal exercises.
For the cool down, you'll complete a series of stretches to increase flexibility and allow your muscles to recover. Plié, relevé and tendu your way to better health! Look and feel your best with Balancé Barre! Participants should bring a light set of hand weights, a mat and a water bottle. Class is typically done barefoot, but you may wish to bring socks with sticky tread on the bottom for traction.
Are you a member of Blue Shield of NENY?  This class might be free for you — call our office for details.
Instructor: Leigh-Anne Rockower, Fitness Professionals on Demand
Price: $80
CRN: 20046

Home & Garden

Growing Your Own Fungi (NEW!)
March 21, Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm 
Queensbury Campus
This class will address the methods used to cultivate edible mushrooms at home. All of the species covered are great-tasting, healthy to eat, surprisingly easy to grow and will save you some money.  None of them have to be grown in the dark. Learn about the medicinal values, history and environmental importance of these exotic fungi. Each student will take an Oyster Mushroom kit home. There's a fungus among us!
Instructor: Christopher-Robin Healy, Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology/Clearlight Permaculture Design 
Price: $25 (Course price includes a $10 materials fee.)
CRN: 20049

Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens (NEW!)
April 18, Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Learn two ways to collect water for gardening and conservation uses. Discover how to collect rainwater from a roof and store it in barrels and other containers. Gravity watering systems will be discussed. Learn how to keep rainwater from running off by creating a beautiful and productive garden space that will be charged by rain. If you have water issues, this might be the class for you.
Instructor: Christopher-Robin Healy, Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology/Clearlight Permaculture Design 
Price: $15
CRN: 20050

Bluebird Boxes & Bat Houses (NEW!)
May 9, Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Bluebirds and bats are voracious eaters of insects — one by day and one by night. Like us, they need proper housing.  Learn how to construct both; it is easier than you think and requires only a few simple tools. Begin planning for spring now!
Instructor: Christopher-Robin Healy, Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology/Clearlight Permaculture Design 
Price: $15
CRN: 20051

Apple Orchard Pruning & Maintenance  
April 22, Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm
Saratoga Apple, Schuylerville
Learn how to stay one step ahead of rapidly growing apple trees in a homestead or commercial orchard. We will discuss apple tree maintenance with a focus on annual pruning of trees for shape, health and optimum productivity. Observation of several varieties on different rootstocks will show how apple trees grow and are maintained in a commercial orchard. Common pests, diseases and other orchard issues will also be discussed. Demonstration of pruning techniques and time for participants to practice their pruning prowess will be offered. Nate Darrow is owner and operator of Saratoga Apple in Schuylerville, NY with experience managing commercial orchards in Vermont, New York, North Carolina and Jamaica.
Please note: Participants should dress for the weather and bring pruning clippers and gloves if you have them (although not required).
Instructor: Nate Darrow, Saratoga Apple 
Price: $49
CRN: 20052

Modern Home Economics (NEW!)
March 24 to April 7, Fridays from 6 to 9 pm
SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Center & Queensbury Campus
This hands-on course and cooking class will give people the basic skills needed to live a healthier and more organized life. Learn about meal planning, budgeting, knife skills, meal preparation, food storage and waste, cooking of vegetables, nutrition, basic fitness, meditation and ways to combat stress and save money and time. The course will aim to answer: What should we do to adequately nourish ourselves and our families?

Class 1: Basic Cooking Skills (SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Center)

  • Knife skills
  • Food preservation and food waste
  • Growing and cooking with herbs
  • Butchering meat

Class 2: Healthy Eating (SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Center)

  • Easy and healthy snacks
  • Breakfast items
  • Vegetable cooking and shopping seasonally

Class 3: Nutrition and Saving (SUNY Adirondack Queensbury Campus)

  • Meal planning and budgeting
  • Thrifty ways to save time and money
  • Nutrition basics and portion control

Instructor: Kimberly Feeney London, The Farmhouse Restaurant
Price: $95
CRN: 20053

Woodlot Management for Forest Owners 101 (NEW!)
February 18, Saturday from 9 am to Noon
Queensbury Campus
This entry-level course is intended to introduce private forest owners to strategies for managing their woodlots for wildlife, timber, maple syrup, recreation and many other potential uses. During this class, participants will learn through hands-on silviculture lessons on campus forestland. Topics include: creating a forest management plan, forestry best practices, government grants and assistance, how to sell your timber and much more. Please dress for the weather and being outside.
Instructor: NYS DEC and Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District
Price: $10
CRN: 20084

Motorcycle Classes

Back for its 14th season, the motorcycle program at SUNY Adirondack is bigger and better than ever with weekend and mid-week classes from April through October. Registrations for motorcycle classes are done online at www.adkmc.com. Call Margie at 668.5589 for more information and for guidance with enrollment.

Basic RiderCourse (BRC I for License Waiver)
This is the course for entry-level riders and returning riders whose skills are a bit rusty. Learn the basics of motorcycle operation with patient, professional RiderCoaches. Motorcycles are supplied. This class has an online E-course component, plus classroom and riding components. Successful completion of this class results in a NYS Motorcycle Road test waiver (i.e., no DMV riding test). For the waiver, students must have a NYS Driver’s License and a NYS Motorcycle Learner’s Permit.
Price: $275

Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II)
For graduates of the BRC I for License Waiver class, this is the next step in your riding education. This is a one-day class with your motorcycle. Skill drills cover braking, swerving and cornering. This course is also the perfect “first class” experience for experienced riders who have had no formal training. This is a great option for groups. There is no license component to this class. A motorcycle license is required for this course.
Price: $150

Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II for License Waiver)
A one-day course for those riders who have experience and/or have been riding with a “learner’s permit.” This is NOT a course for beginners. Students are expected to be able to adequately control a motorcycle in a safe manner conducive to legal street-riding. Completion of an online component of the course is required prior to the riding component. Successful completion of the E-course and the riding skills test earns a Course Completion Card, which acts as a road test waiver at the DMV. A great way to finally get licensed! Students will bring and use their own street-legal motorcycles for this class.
Price: $225

Introduction to Motorcycle Experience (IME)
This is the perfect three-hour class for those interested in seeing what motorcycling is all about without a large commitment of time or money. No license or permit is required. Students learn the very basics of motorcycle controls and will operate the bike moving by the end of this class. Nervous that the BRC I for License is too much all at once? Take the IME, then the BRC I.
Price: $75 (Motorcycles and helmets provided; no permit is required.)

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)
This is the class for experienced riders who want to move their riding skills to the “next level.” This is a one-day class with both classroom and range components, with an emphasis on riding. Students must be licensed and will ride their own street-legal motorcycles. This class exposes the experienced rider to upper-level skill sets not available in previous classes. Classes scheduled according to demand.
Price: $150

Special Interest An Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy Living 
April 5, Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Queensbury Campus
Ayurveda offers a natural way to achieve wellness and joy. Discover your unique constitution, how to develop inner energy and find balance in your life. You will be introduced to this vast science of Ayurveda, a system of health that allows you to learn more about who you truly are and what you personally need. In this workshop, you will learn about the doshas, which are principles in nature and primary life energies in the body.
Instructor: Linda Tipke, Adirondack Ayurveda
Price: $15
CRN: 20055

Self-Hypnosis Workshop (NEW!)
April 27 to May 4, Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
This course is an introduction to hypnosis and the definitions and myths associated with it. Explanation of how applied, self-hypnotic states may aid in growth, healing and achievement of personal goals will be offered. Due to the nature of this class, only light trance states will be achieved, and the focus will be on “grounding skills” and “positive ego state building” — both of which will be discussed. We will address some basic techniques of induction and experimental trance exploration.
Instructor: Holly Marek, Certified Medium
Price: $20
CRN: 20057

Overview of Autism (NEW!)
April 26 to May 3, Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm
Queensbury Campus
Would you like to gain a better understanding of autism spectrum disorders? This course offers an overview of the history of autism and discussion of how treatments have changed over time. We’ll also discuss communication, social skills, rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and functions of behavior. This course is appropriate for parents, caregivers or anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of autism spectrum disorders.
Instructor: Erin McMahon, MS, BCBA, LBA
Price: $12
CRN: 20056

Never Stop Learning

Lecture and Lunch Series (formerly known as the Senior Lecture Series)
April 18 to May 9 (Queensbury Campus )
SUNY Adirondack Continuing Education is pleased to present the Lecture and Lunch Series — presented by a combination of SUNY Adirondack distinguished faculty members and local experts.
Each hour-long lecture is followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer period.
Lunch and morning refreshments are included each day, offering attendees an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the lectures and subject matter presented.
Lunch will be served in the Student Housing Building. It is a short walk across campus from where the lectures are held. Questions? Call us at 518.743.2238.

• 9:30 to 10 am: Refreshments and check-in
• 12:45 to 1:30 pm: Lunch (Please note the schedule change for May 9)

Price: $133
CRN: 20058


Tuesday, April 18 
• 10 am - Scams and Identity Theft: Kathleen Hogan, Warren County District Attorney
• 11:30 am - William and Elsie Hill: Forgotten Legacy: R. Paul McCarty, Hill Collection Historian, SUNY Adirondack & Executive Director, Old Fort House Museum
• 1:45 pm - Freedom Journey: Black Civil War Soldiers and the Hills Community, Westchester County, NY: Edythe Ann Quinn, Ph.D., Professor of History, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

Tuesday, April 25
• 10 am - Votes for Women: Kimberly Harvish, Educator, Chapman Historical Museum
• 11:30 am - Mycenaeans: Beyond the Trojan War: Valerie Haskins, Professor of Social Sciences, SUNY Adirondack
• 1:45 pm - The Rise of the Islamic State: Mark Beaulieu, Ph.D., Criminal Justice Coordinator, SUNY Plattsburgh, Queensbury Branch Campus

Tuesday, May 2
• 10 am - How Poverty Impacts Brain Development and Learning: Stephen Danna, Ed.D., Dean, SUNY Plattsburgh, Queensbury Branch Campus
• 11:30 am - Wilton Wildlife Preserve Parks and the Saratoga Sandplains Ecosystem: Margo Bloom Olson, Executive Director, Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park
• 1:45 pm - Switching Gears: Multi-track Music Careers: Bernadette Speach, Ph.D., Composer/Pianist & Teacher

Tuesday, May 9 (Lunch from 1:15 to 2 pm)
• 10:30 am- Black Sheep and Electric Sheep: Why Fantasy and Science Fiction Deserve More Respect: Lale Davidson, D.A., Distinguished Professor, English Division, SUNY Adirondack
• Noon - The Northern Campaign Of 1777: Eric Schnitzer, Park Ranger, Saratoga National Historical Park
• 2:15 pm - Arcosanti: Paolo Soleri’s City of the Future: Anthony Cavaluzzi, Associate Professor of English, SUNY Adirondack

Hollywood Depicts History (NEW!)
April 7 to 28, Fridays from 9 am to Noon
The Glen at Hiland Meadows
We will view four documentary films which depict major individuals in history and their impact on the world.  Following the viewing, there will be discussion and analysis of the films. The films are: A Man for all Seasons, Four Feathers, Magnificent Yankee and Tora, Tora, Tora
Instructor: Dr. Norman Enhorning
Price: $15
CRN: 20059

Music from the Great American Songbook 
April 4 to 11, Tuesdays from 1 to 3 pm
Queensbury Campus
The Great American Songbook is an important part of our American musical heritage. People of all ages enjoy the music of this era, with its popular performers showcasing singable melodies and rich harmonies. Join us for an interactive workshop on the composers, lyricists, singers and songs of the '20s, '30s and '40s. 
Instructors: Miriam Enman
Price: $29
CRN: 20060

Help Wanted Female (NEW!)
March 8, Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm
Queensbury Campus
Kim Harvish, educator at the Chapman Historical Museum, will talk about an oral history project that has been undertaken as part of the Help Wanted: Female exhibit.  Through photos, sound and printed materials, she will share stories and historical information and facilitate discussion with class participants. While the projects includes research from the late 1800s to 1975, the oral history portion of the project concentrates on 1955-1975. We hope you’ll join us and bring stories of your own!
Instructor: Kimberly Harvish, Chapman Historical Museum 
Price: $15
CRN: 20061

Walking Tour of Hudson Falls
May 17, Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm
Juckett Park, Hudson Falls
The center of the village is today a focal point of the Civil War Soldiers Monument and Juckett Park. This green space is nearly as old as our country. Join R. Paul McCarty and learn about the people and buildings which surround the park and the history of old Sandy Hill. There will be light refreshments in the park after the tour.
Instructor: R. Paul McCarty, The Old Fort House Museum
Price: $15
CRN: 70005

Walking Tour of Fort Edward 
May 3, Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm
Fort Edward Art Center, Fort Edward
Join R. Paul McCarty and tour the State Street Cemetery, parts of the Champlain Canal, the new marketplace in the former canal structure and the old Central Business District. Light refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the tour.
Instructor: R. Paul McCarty, The Old Fort House Museum
Price: $15
CRN: 20063

Another Side of Glens Falls Walking Tour (NEW! )
May 11, Thursday from 1 to 3pm
The Chapman Historical Museum
Join Kim Harvish, educator at the Chapman Historical Museum, as she shows you “Another Side of Glens Falls.” Explore areas of South, Elm, Pine, Exchange and Glen streets which incorporate women’s stories in celebration of the New York State Suffrage Centennial (1917 - 2017). Put on your walking shoes and join us for an afternoon of history.
Instructor: Kimberly Harvish, Educator, Chapman Historical Museum
Price: $15
CRN: 20065

Tour and Lunch at the Skene Manor  
May 5, Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
The Skene Manor, Whitehall
Enjoy a visit to The Skene Manor, Whitehall’s Castle on the Mountain and one of the few remaining castles in northeast New York. The castle was constructed of stone blocks cut right out of the mountain that frames the manor. This magnificent structure shows turn-of-the-century craftsmanship rarely duplicated today. Your day will include a lunch of homemade soup, sandwiches, beverages and dessert that will be served in the tea room. You will also have the opportunity to tour the Skene Manor, where you will experience the grandeur that exemplified turn-of-the-century wealth. All who visit rave about the lunch and the dedication of the volunteer staff who run the manor. You will be contacted prior to the trip for your sandwich order; please identify any dietary restrictions at that time. Lunch will be served at 11:30 am.
Instructor: Skene Manor Staff
Price: $29 (Course price includes a $20 materials fee.)
CRN: 20064

A Stroll and Sip Walking Tour: Springs of Saratoga
April 28, Friday from 1 to 3 pm
Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs
Join Trent for a tour of the beautiful springs of Saratoga Spa State Park. Enjoy the wonders of the “Geyser” and Polaris spouters. Experience the skin-softening properties of Karista Spring. Learn how and why the waters were used medically and for health. This is a classic “stroll and sip” among the waters that make up 75 percent of our body.
Instructor: Aime (Trent) Millet
Price: $15
CRN: 20068

SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Luncheon
April 26, Wednesday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Center, Queensbury
Join us for a very special luncheon prepared by SUNY Adirondack’s Culinary Arts students. You will be treated to a three-course meal created start to finish by the Healthy Foods class. Enjoy delicious and nutritious foods sure to inspire and delight in the lovely culinary facility. Arrive at 11:30am to have a chance to view “behind the line,” to see the students at work in the kitchen and to learn about the college’s popular culinary arts program. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a fabulous lunch prepared by our region’s next great chefs!
Please notify the Office of Continuing Education at the time of registration if you have special dietary restrictions so we may do our best to accommodate you. Lunch will be served at noon.
Instructor: Chef Matthew Bolton
Price: $25 (Course price includes a $14 materials fee.)
CRN: 20066

New Skete Monasteries Tour
May 12, Friday from 1:30 to 3:30 pm
New Skete Monasteries, Cambridge
The breathtaking churches, the extensive gardens, waterfall feature and the peace and solitude of New Skete welcome you to learn about its history, art and culture. Your guided tour includes a tour of the churches, with one of the brothers giving a lecture on their history and the icons depicted on the walls, a question-and- answer session, a visit to the Meditation Garden and a slice of cheesecake. 
You may even catch a glimpse of the famed New Skete German Shepherd dog. Your tour will end with a visit to the monks’ gift shop and a stop at the nuns’ monastery to purchase cheesecake to bring home.
Instructor: Brother Gregory
Price: $15 (Course price includes a $6 materials fee.)
CRN: 20067