Veterinary Science Technology One-Plus-One

Program Information

Degree Type: 1+1
Program Code: SUNY Canton AAS

(SUNY Canton Associate in Applied Science)

Entrance requirements: Regents biology, Regents chemistry, Regents Math Course I & II, all within the last five years of equivalent SUNY Adirondack courses (Bio 103, Chm 103, Mat 108)

Cr. Course Title Course Code
4 General Zoology Bio111
4 General Chemistry Chm111
3 Writing I Eng101
3 General Psychology Psy101
2 Intro to Veterinary Science Vet101
2 Intro to Animal Argiculture Vet103
4 Microbiology (Prereq Required) Bio113
3 Academic Writing Eng102
3 Social Science or History Elective  
3 Veterinary Clinical Pathology I (Prereq Required) Vet112
3 Animal Anatomy & Physiology (Prereq Required) Vet114
2 Intro to Veterinary Science II (Prereq Required) Vet115
3 English Literature (SUNY GenEd Humanities)  
39 Minimum credits required for transfer  

Additional Information:

To complete the Associate in Applied Science degree in Veterinary Science Technology, students will be required to attend SUNY Canton for the second year of the program. While at SUNY Adirondack, students are enrolled as Liberal Arts AS majors.

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