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Degree Type: AS
Program Code: MUSI
Hegis Code: 5610.00
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The A.S. degree in Music provides the first two years of specialized instruction needed by students who ultimately wish to earn a bachelors degree in any music-related field. Courses at SUNY Adirondack closely parallel courses offered by four-year music colleges so that completion of the AS degree will facilitate the transfer process.

Although no entrance audition is required, a placement exam is required for admission to the degree program. The placement exam is administered on specified dates from May through August and is designed to make certain that students are placed appropriately (either in the Music AS degree program or in the Liberal Arts AA degree program with Pre-Music emphasis) that will better meet the student's current learning needs. Recommended high school preparation: Music ensembles and private music instruction, along with music courses when available.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-4 Freshman Experience Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Writing I Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
3 SUNY Gen Ed Basic Communication course Eng102 - 110
3 SUNY Gen Ed Math course  
3-4 SUNY Gen Ed Natural Science lab course  
3 Math or Science  
6 History Courses His100, His101 or His102
3 SUNY Gen Ed Social Science course  ANT, PSY, SOC
2 Health and Wellness PED activity credits, Avs101, Avs102, Bio114, Bio115, Hed103, Hed104, Hed108, Sci161
2 Keyboard Harmony (Prereq Required) Mus117 & Mus118
4 Aural Skills (Prereq Required) Mus119, Mus120, Mus219 & Mus220
8 Music Theory (Prereq Required) Mus124, Mus125, Mus224 & Mus225
6 Music Literature and Style (Prereq Required) Mus126 & Mus127
2 Conducting (Prereq Required) Mus128 & Mus129
8 Private Instruction - Performance Concentration** Mus130 **
4 Large Music Ensemble Courses*** Mus105 or Mus110 ***
4 Chamber Ensemble Courses*** Mus131, Mus132, Mus133, Mus134, Mus135, Mus136, Mus139 or Mus140 ***
65 Minimum credits required for graduation  

Additional Information:** The Performance Concentration involves 8 credits (taken in 2-credit blocks for each of 4 semesters) of MUS 130 Private Instruction all in one instrument or voice (chosen by the student), with the intent that this will be the primary musical skill in which the student will focus.

***Ensembles must correspond to the major area of focus as designated by the Music Department. Admittance into performing ensembles is at the discretion of the appropriate conductor/coach.

Pre-Music students should register under the Liberal Arts A.A. degree program and, over the course of the two semesters, take a range of 9-12 General Education credits that apply to both the Liberal Arts A.A. degree and the A.S. degree program in Music.

The credited music classes listed in the Pre-Music count in the Liberal Arts program as electives, and will, therefore, count toward the 12-credit minimum in the major to maintain eligibility for financial aid.

Fall   Spring
Course # CR. Course Name
Mus103 3 Music Fundamentals
Mus115 & 116 2 Class Piano I & II
Mus097 0 Intro to Aural Skills I
Mus130 2 **Private Instruction 
Total 7  
Course # CR. Course Name
Mus123 2 Pop & World Folk Music Theory
Mus130 1 Applied Piano lessons for nonmajors
Mus098 0 Intro to Aural Skills II
Mus101 3 Music Appreciation
Mus130 2 **Private Instruction 
Total 8  

** MUS 130 Private Instruction must be in the student's major instrument.

admittance into performing ensembles is at the discretion of the appropriate conductor/coach.

Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-4 Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
3 SUNY Gen Ed Math course
1 Health and Wellness
1 Mus117
1 Mus119
2 Mus124
2 Mus130 **
2 Music Ensemble Courses***
Second Semester
3 Eng102 - 110
3 History (Western Civ)
3-4 SUNY Gen Ed Natural Science lab course
1 Mus118
1 Mus120
2 Mus 125
2 Mus130 **
2 Music Ensemble Courses***
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 History (Western Civ)
3 Math or Science
3 Mus126
1 Mus128
2 Mus130 **
1 Mus219
2 Mus224
2 Music Ensemble Courses***
Fourth Semester
3 SUNY Gen Ed Social Science course (ANT, PSY, SOC)
1 Health and Wellness
3 Mus127
1 Mus129
2 Mus130 **
1 Mus220
2 Mus225
2 Music Ensemble Courses***


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