Information Technology

Program Information

Degree Type: AAS
Program Code: ITEC
Hegis Code: 5101.00
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The Information Technology programs provide students with an experience that will directly prepare them for employment. This is achieved through core courses that are combined with specialized courses in a concentration of the student's choosing. A capstone experience including an internship at an area business helps to anchor the student's academic experience. The core is designed so that students can easily move from one Information Technology degree to another if their interest of focus changes.

The Information Systems program is intended for students who, upon graduation from SUNY Adirondack, wish to enter the workforce in entry-level information systems positions within the Information Technology field. Its focus is in integrating the use and advantages presented by Information Technology within the corporate organization. Students completing the two-year degree would be entering the workforce as junior-level programmers/systems analysts and computer operators. Recommended high school preparation: Three years of mathematics.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-4 Freshman Experience Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Writing I Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
3 SUNY Gen Ed Basic Communication course Eng110 recommended
3-4 Lab Science  
2 Health and Wellness PED activity credits, Avs101, Avs102, Bio114, Bio115, Hed103, Hed104, Hed108, Sci161
6 Social Science Eco201 & Eco202 recommended for Bus Management focus area
1 Keyboarding Bus118
3 Liberal Arts Phi207 recommended for Bus Management focus area
3 Speech Sph111
3 Computers and Applications Cis111
3 Intro to Internet Development (Prereq Required) Cis122
3 Introduction to Networking Cis131
3 Topics in Computing (Prereq Required) Cis150
3 Advanced PC Applications (Prereq Required)(Spr Only) Cis126
3 Introduction to Programming (Prereq Required) Cis143
3 Introduction to Business Bus 101
  Choose One Focus Area  
  Applications Development (AD)  
3 Intermediate Programming in Windows (Prereq Required) Cis144
3 Server Side Scripting (Prereq Required) (Fall Only) Cis151
3 Database Management Systems (Prereq Required) Cis237
3 Internship (Prereq Required) Cis178
3 Mathematics*(Prereq Required) Mat119 or Mat129
3-4 IT Elective (Choose One)  
  Programming in Java (Prereq Required) (Spr Only) Cis222
  Data Structures**(Prereq Required) Cis243
  IT Seminar (Spr Only) Cis250
  End User Support (EUS)  
3 PC Hardware Fundamentals (Prereq Required) Cis120
3 PC Software Fundamentals (Prereq Required)(Spr Only) Cis123
3 End User Support and Security (Coreq and Prereq Required) (Spr Only) Cis219
3 Internship Cis178
4 Intro Statistics with Probability Mat127
3 IT Elective (Choose One)  
  Intermediate Programming (Prereq Required) Cis144
  Server Administration (Spr Only) Cis232
  IT Seminar (Spr Only) Cis250
  Business Management (BM)  
4 Financial Accounting Bus146; Bus146A & Bus146B
4 Managerial Accounting (Prereq Required) Bus147
3 Business Law I Bus 201
3-4 Mathematics Mat121 or Mat127
6 Management Electives (Choose Two)  
  Principles of Management Bus102
  Principles of Marketing Bus103
  Human Resources Management Bus261
64 Minimum credits required for graduation  

Additional Information:

*MAT 129 is required for those students who wish to take CIS 243 as their elective
**If a student elects to take CIS 243, MAT 129 is required as the Mathematics choice per above

Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-4 Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
3 Cis122
3 Cis111
3-4 Mathematics as per Focus Area
1 Bus118
3 Bus101(BM,AD) focus area/IT Elective for (EUS) focus area
Second Semester
3 Eng110 recommended
3 Sph111
3 Cis131(BM,AD) focus area/ Bus101 (EUS) focus area
3 Cis143
3-4 IT Elective as per focus area (BM,EUS)/Social Sci (AD)
1 Health and Wellness
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 Cis150
3-4 Elective as per Focus Area (AD,BM), CIS131 (EUS)
3-4 Liberal Arts Ele (AD,EUS),Elective as per Focus Area (BM)
3 Social Science Elective (BM,EUS)/CIS151 (AD)
3-4 Lab Science
1 Health and Wellness
Fourth Semester
3 Cis126
3-4 Elective as per Focus Area
3-4 Elective as per Focus Area
3-4 Elective as per Focus Area (AD,EUS),Lib Arts (BM)
3 Social Science Elective


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