Electrical Technology

Program Information

Degree Type: AAS
Program Code: ELEC
Hegis Code: 5310.00
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This curriculum provides both theoretical and "hands-on" knowledge of current electrical/electronic devices and circuits. Emphasis will be placed on the proper use of test instruments and diagnostic devices using state-of-the-art computer programs and equipment. This program can also lead to transfer to senior institutions in related technology or engineering technology. Required and recommended high school preparation: Course I required. Recommended: Three years of mathematics, electricity, electronics, physics.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-4 Freshman Experience Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Writing I Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
3 SUNY Gen Ed Basic Communication course Eng102 - Eng110
6-8 Math Courses Mat108, Mat121, Mat 125, Mat131 or Mat132
4 General Physics Phy107 or Phy111
2 Health and Wellness PED activity credits, Avs101, Avs102, Bio114, Bio115, Hed103, Hed104, Hed108, Sci161
6 Social Science Course  
3 Computer Course Cis111, Cis125 or Cis143
3 Electrical Technology Fundamentals (Fall Only) Tec103
4 Electricity I (Prereq/Coreq Required) (Fall Only) Tec119
4 Electricity II (Prereq Required) (Spring Only) Tec120
3 Motors and Controls (Prereq Required) (Fall Only) Tec223
3 Introduction to RFID (Prereq Required) (Spring Only) Tec130
3 Industrial Electronics (Prereq or Coreq Required) (Spring Only) Tec241
3 Automation and Controls I (Prereq/Coreq Required) (Fall Only) Tec250
3 Automation and Controls II (Prereq Required) (Spring Only) Tec251
3 Technical Elective Cis131, Egr109, Tec178, Tec236, Tec299
7 Electives Phy112 recommended for transfer
64 Minimum credits required for graduation  
Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-4 Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
1 Health and Wellness
3-4 Mat108, Mat121, Mat125 or Mat131
3 Tec103
4 Tec119
Second Semester
3 Social Science Elective
3-4 Mat121, Mat125, Mat131 or Mat 132
3 Electives
4 Tec120
3 Tec130
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 Cis111, Cis125 or Cis143
3 Eng102 - Eng110
3 Tec223
3 Tec250
4 Phy107 or Phy111
Fourth Semester
4 Electives
3 Social Science Elective
3 Tec241
3 Tec251
3 TEC Electives (from list)
1 Health and Wellness

Recommended TEC Electives: CIS 131, EGR 109, TEC 178 (TEC 178 may be taken as three elective credits), TEC 236 or TEC 299

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