Adventure Sports: Leadership and Management

Program Information

Degree Type: Certificate
Program Code: CEAS
Hegis Code: 5506.10
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Adventure Sports is a unique, adventure-based academic experience focused on preparing highly skilled outdoor industry professionals through intensive training and professional certification. The Adventure Sports Certificate is an intensive program focused on outdoor technical skill development, professional certification, and leadership training. Students completing the Certificate requirements will be prepared for entry-level careers in the outdoor adventure industry.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-4 Freshman Experience Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Writing I Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
6 Liberal Arts Electives  
  Adventure Sports: Leadership & Management  
  Certificate Requirements:  
  Core Curriculum (17 credits)  
3 Fundamentals of Backcountry Living Avs101
2 Basic River and Backcountry Canoeing (Coreq Required) Avs102
3 Foundations of Adventure Education Avs140
3 Wilderness First Responder Hed108
3 Adventure Program Operations Internship (Prereq Required) Avs178
3 Adventure Program Management (Prereq Required) Avs240
  Concentration (5 credits)  
  choose five credits from at least one area of concentration with advisement:  
1 Challenge Course I Ped152
1 Challenge Course II (Prereq Required) Ped162
3 Challenge Course Management (Prereq Required) Avs231
1 Skiing I or Snowboarding I Ped124 or Ped144
1 Skiing II or Snowboarding II (Prereq Required) Ped154 or Ped174
3 Backcountry Skiing (Prereq Required) Avs224
1 Whitewater I Ped139
1 Whitewater II (Prereq Required) Ped149
3 River Safety and Swiftwater Rescue (Prereq Required) Avs222
32 Minimum credits required for graduation  
Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-4 Hrd100, Hrd100A or Hrd110
3 Eng101; Eng100A & Eng100B
3 Liberal Arts
3 Avs101
3 Avs102
3 Avs140
1 Concentration area course
Winter (If Snowports)
1 Ped124 or Ped144
Second Semester
3 Liberal Arts
3 Avs178
3 Avs240
3 Hed108
1 Concentration area course
3 Concentration area course
Summer (If Whitewater)
3 Avs222
1 Ped139
1 Ped149


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