Nursing Students

Follow this checklist to navigate the Nursing application process:

1. Complete the SUNY Adirondack Application.

2. Pay the $35 Application Fee here or send check or money order payable to SUNY Adirondack to the Admissions Office. 

3. Submit an official high school transcript to the Admissions Office. Transcripts can be emailed directly from your high school to or faxed to: 518.832.7602. Transcripts can also be hand delivered by you to the office in a sealed envelope directly from your school. The Admissions Office also accepts GED/ TASC with test scores.

4. If you are a transfer student, submit an official college transcript for any schools attended to the Registrar's Office.

5. Attend an Accepted Student Day.

6. Learn more about how to finance your college education and apply for Financial Aid.

Students applying to the Nursing Program should have a minimum GPA of 2.8 and College Prep Biology and Chemistry with a Regent Exam score of 80 or higher, within the last 5 years. Students who have not had Biology or Chemistry or it has been greater than 5 years since taking these courses will be required to take BIO 103 and CHM 103.  Students must also be eligible to enter college level Math and English courses as determined by placement exams or college level credit.

No. All students must complete a SUNY Adirondack Application available online on the SUNY Adirondack website. There is a $35.00 application fee to apply. Students must also complete a Supplemental Nursing Program Application available through the Admissions Office for students new to SUNY Adirondack and Ona Whaley, Advisor for Pre-Nursing students for current SUNY Adirondack students. There is no fee for the Supplemental Nursing Program Application. 

The Nursing Program is a rigorous and competitive program. In order to be successful in this program, students need to demonstrate academic aptitude.

No. All lecture courses are currently taught during the day. However students do frequently have clinical hours during the evening.

No. There currently are no nursing classes offered during weekend hours.There are some clinical section options on Saturdays. 

The Nursing Program at SUNY Adirondack is a 64 credit program of study that leads to an AAS degree in Nursing. The Program is approved by the New York State Board of Education and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing,Inc. (ACEN). This is a prestigious national accreditation that insures a quality program of study. Students completing the program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX- RN licensing exam. ACEN can be reached at: 3343 Peach Tree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326 and

Once accepted into the Nursing Program, students can complete the program in four consecutive semesters. Some students choose to complete science courses and electives prior to beginning their nursing courses which will extend the number of semesters to complete the program.

There is a clinical component in each of the required nursing courses in the Nursing Program. Students learn and practice basic nursing skills in a simulation nursing lab on campus and have hospital clinical experiences as well. Saratoga Hospital, Glens Falls Hospital, Bellevue Women’s Hospital, Four Winds, Albany Medical Center and a variety of community agencies are utilized for student clinical experiences. Students are responsible for transportation to these facilities.

Clinical experiences are in each of the required nursing courses, beginning with Nur 100.

A grade of C+ (77) is required in all nursing courses for the AAS degree in Nursing and in BIO 107, BIO 108 and BIO 113. Grades less than C+ (77) in these courses cannot be used to fulfill the program requirements.

A required nursing courses for the AAS degree in Nursing may be repeated once. Students who do not achieve a C+ when repeating a required nursing course will be withdrawn from the Nursing Program. Additionally, only one nursing course may be repeated. Students who do not achieve a C+ in the required biology courses may only repeat them once to attain the required C+.

A student is allowed to withdraw from a required nursing course one time.

Admission and continuation in the nursing program are conditional upon annual completion of the required physical exam, TB test, current American Heart Association or American Red Cross CPR certification, and current personal professional liability insurance. Hepatitis B series, Tetanus (DPT)  and Varicella vaccine are also required for all students.

Graduates of licensed practical nursing programs may be granted advanced placement into the second semester of the Nursing Program. They must also meet all program admission requirements such as 2.8 GPA and C+ in all required science classes. Students granted advanced placement must have completed BIO 107 to begin nursing courses. They are also required to take NUR 150.

Qualified applicants may also challenge additional 5-10 credits of second semester nursing courses (NUR 102 and or NUR 103 or NUR 104). These applicants must have a background in the areas to be challenged and must first be granted advanced standing for the first semester nursing course (NUR100). A learning packet which contains course materials is available from the Health Sciences Division secretary. Students granted the Advanced Placement must also pay the "Credit by Exam" fee.

This is the fee paid to the College to allow a student to challenge a course by examination. LPNs/GPNs do not have to take the NUR100 exams to receive this credit.

Transfer students are accepted on a very limited basis as space permits. Transfer students must meet the 2.8 GPA to enter the nursing program and have a grade of C+ (77) or better in BIO 107, BIO 108, and BIO 113, and any transfer nursing courses. Students must provide course syllabi for any nursing courses to be considered for transfer. Students seeking transfer from another Nursing Program should contact Gail Powers at

Students are eligible to apply to the Nursing Program when they have been accepted to SUNY Adirondack, meet the GPA requirements, are ready to enter College Level Math, English and BIO 107.

Students who have already completed college level Biology and Chemistry and have passed them with a grade of C or better in the last 5 years are eligible to enter BIO 107.

Students from another state who have taken College prep level Biology and Chemistry and successfully passed these courses should contact the Science Division for consideration of placement in BIO 107.

Applications are accepted by the Nursing Program between August 15th and September 15th for Spring Semester admission and between January 1 and February 1 for Summer and Fall Semester admission.

Students who are not accepted into the Nursing Program the first time they apply may resubmit a new application the next semester along with current SUNY Adirondack transcripts.

Yes, there are no rolling admissions, so a student must resubmit a new application each time they reapply. If they are a current SUNY Adirondack student a most recent transcript should be submitted. Unofficial transcripts from other colleges will be kept on file and need not be resubmitted.

Students may only repeat a course one time to get the required grade of C+ for BIO 107, BIO 108 and BIO 113. This is per the SUNY Adirondack grading policy. Only one required nursing course may be repeated.

The minimum GPA required to apply to the Nursing Program is a 2.8.

An Associate degree in Nursing is usually a 2 year degree program of study preparing students to sit for the NCLEX RN licensing exam. The student graduates with an AAS degree in Nursing.  A Bachelors Degree in Nursing is usually a 4 year program of study that prepares students to sit for the NCLEX RN licensing exam. The student graduates with a BSN degree. Students who have an AAS degree may continue an additional 2 years and complete the BSN degree. We encourage all of our graduates to continue either part-time or full-time to obtain a BSN. SUNY Adirondack has articulations with many RN to BSN Nursing Programs including SUNY Plattsburgh, who offers RN to  BSN classes on the Queensbury campus.

Current RN NCLEX results for SUNY Adirondack nursing graduates can be found at NCLEX Results.

Pre Nursing students can meet with the counselors or get assistance from the Advisement and Career Services Center. To learn more about the Nursing Program and admission process, plan to attend a Nursing Program Information Session. Schedule of sessions and sign-up information is available here:

Students can contact Ona Whaley at or 518.832.7708 to request an advisement appointment.