Personal Enrichment


The Office of Continuing Education offers learning opportunities for people of all ages. The short-duration, non-credit classes encourage lifelong learning and offer community members a place to explore their personal interests and make new friends.

Class topics include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Home and Garden
  • Driving
  • Financial Planning
  • Fitness
  • Language for Travel
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hobbies
  • Motorcycles
  • Music
  • Special Interests


Motorcycle Instruction

Learn how to ride a motorcycle with courses taught by the nationally certified Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety Rider coaches. Course offerings, occurring mid-week and on the weekends, from April through October include:

Basic RiderCourse (BRC I for License Waiver)
This is the course for entry-level riders and returning riders whose skills are a bit rusty. Learn the basics of motorcycle operation with patient, professional RiderCoaches. Motorcycles are supplied. This class has an online E-course component, plus classroom and riding components. Successful completion of this class results in a NYS Motorcycle Road test waiver (i.e., no DMV riding test). For the waiver, students must have a NYS Driver’s License and a NYS Motorcycle Learner’s Permit. 

Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II)
For graduates of the BRC I for License Waiver class, this is the next step in your riding education. This is a one-day class with your motorcycle. Skill drills cover braking, swerving and cornering. This course is also the perfect “first class” experience for experienced riders who have had no formal training. This is a great option for groups. There is no license component to this class. A motorcycle license is required for this course.

Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II for License Waiver)
A one-day course for those riders who have experience and/or have been riding with a “learner’s permit.” This is NOT a course for beginners. Students are expected to be able to adequately control a motorcycle in a safe manner conducive to legal street-riding. Completion of an online component of the course is required prior to the riding component. Successful completion of the E-course and the riding skills test earns a Course Completion Card, which acts as a road test waiver at the DMV. Students will bring and use their own street-legal motorcycles for this class. A great way to finally get licensed!

Introduction to Motorcycle Experience (IME)
This is the perfect three-hour class for those interested in seeing what motorcycling is all about without a large commitment of time or money. No license or permit is required. Students learn the very basics of motorcycle controls and will operate the bike moving by the end of this class. Nervous that the BRC I for License is too much all at once? Take the IME; then the BRC I. Motorcycles and helmets provided; no permit is required.

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)
This is the class for experienced riders who want to move their riding skills to the “next level.” This is a one-day class with both classroom and range components, with an emphasis on riding. Students must be licensed and will ride their own street-legal motorcycles. This class exposes the experienced rider to upper level skill sets not available in previous classes. Classes scheduled according to demand.

Motorcycle Course Registration

Motorcycle registrations are only available online via Interested students may view Motorcycle Instruction online or call 518.668.5589 for more information.

Never Stop Learning

The region’s seniors are valued at SUNY Adirondack. The college offers a Senior Lecture and Lunch Series every Fall and Spring semester.

Course are held on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for four weeks. Registration and refreshments begin at 9:30 each day, with lunch provided on campus from 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.

Professionals from around the region share their passion and expertise in history, archaeology, literature, law, forensics and more.

Early registration is encouraged!


International Education

SUNY Adirondack offers international education courses that include trips to numerous countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

These three or four credit INT 204 courses begin either in the fall or spring semester, with travel occurring over winter, spring and summer breaks. The one-week or two-week travel experience portion of the course allows students to actively engage in the culture of other nations.

Community members may also participate in international education offerings on a space available basis; some courses have limited registration and are available to credit students only.

Community course registration occurs through the Office of Continuing Education.