Course Offerings


Whether your goal is to complete a transfer degree, technical credit program, or take credit-free classes that support lifelong learning and workforce development, the Wilton Center can provide you with a wide array of day and evening coursework to help you reach your educational and career goals.

Credit Courses

Classes in the following disciplines are offered here each semester:

·         Mathematics ·         Sociology
·         English ·         History
·         Business ·         Anthropology
·         Computer Science ·         Physical Education
·         Foreign Language ·         Art
·         Science ·         Philosophy
·         Psychology ·         Music

A complete list of courses offered by term in both Queensbury and Wilton is available through the Course Search directory.


Signature Programs


SUNY Adirondack Pre-Nursing Track at Wilton

Are you interested in studying Nursing?  The Pre-Nursing Track at Wilton offers a convenient and affordable way for you to prepare for a college degree in Nursing.







SUNY Adirondack BusinessPass

BusinessPass allows you to constantly adjust where you attend classes. Choose from on-campus classes (both Wilton Center and Queensbury Campus), online classes, or any combination in between. It’s your life, your schedule.




Continuing Education Opportunities & Credit-Free Courses

Each semester, the Wilton Center provides community members with a convenient location to enhance their personal and professional development through non-credit courses. For more information on finding and registering for a course that meets your needs, visit the SUNY Adirondack Office of Continuing Education.

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