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GALLERY: SUNY Adirondack Faculty/Staff Recognition Program Friday, May 8, 2015.

(QUEENSBURY, NY – May 8, 2015) – SUNY Adirondack celebrated faculty and staff contributions to the success of the college during the college’s annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Program Friday, May 8, 2015.

Our Chancellor's Award winners: Amy Salvati (Mathematics - Teaching); Diane Bargiel (Music - Scholarship and Creative Activities); Nick Buttino (Business - Faculty Service); and Charlotte Smith (English - Professional Service).

President's Award winners Miriam Enman (Music - Adjunct Faculty) and John Arpey (Business - Senior Faculty).

President's Award winner Diana Williams (Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs - Distinguished Service) with her mom, Sherry Ritchie.

President's Award winner Cheryl Bolton (Human Resources - Administrative Service) with HR colleague Deb Peltier.

Two new Distinguished Professors: K. Lale Davidson (English) and Joyce Miller (Library Science).


Beth Faller (Counseling - 35 years of service) with her daughter, Kate Gillespie.

Peter Townsend (Maintenance - 30 years of service), Karen Mosher (Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Administrative Services and Treasurer - 10 years of service), and Anthony Palangi (Director of Facilities - 30 years of service).

Library Staff: Teresa Ronning (Library Division Chair - 20 years of service), Bertha Belanger (Library - 25 years of service), and Joyce Miller.

Kathi McCoy (English) and Kelli Hatin (Business), each with 15 years of service.

Nick Paigo (Techology - 10 years of service), Mike Prutsman (Wilton Center - 10 years of service), Doug Gaulin (Counseling - 15 years of service), and Clint McCarthy (Adventure Sports - 10 years of service).

Kevin Crider (Director of Enterprise Applications) and Teresa Ronning (Library Division Chair).

Kate O'Sick (Student Success), Rebecca Funk (Advisement - 5 years of service), Jenny Postlethwaite (Advisement - 5 years of service), and Nick Paigo.


Community Spirit Award winner Bob Kelly (Maintenance).

Community Spirit Award winner Joel Loke (Information Technology Support Technician).

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