Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan


We are the educational provider of choice and pathway to success.


SUNY Adirondack is a teaching- and learning-centered community college, which fosters a diverse, equitable, inclusive learning environment and campus community; offers innovative instructional and student support programs; responds to the educational needs of its community; and serves as a stimulus for economic development, partnerships and leadership.


Excellence and Innovation: To strive for the highest standards in every area of the College.

Student Centeredness: To consider student needs and welfare first in all College actions and decisions.

Communication: To commit to open and honest dialogue and feedback, flowing in all directions and valued equally.

Learning and Success: To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge through study, creative endeavors, experience and application; to encourage a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth among all facets of the community.

Diversity: To enrich our understanding, appreciation and acceptance of differing ideas, people, ways of thinking, lifestyle and cultures.

Integrity: To create trust and goodwill through fairness, honesty,  accountability and ethical conduct among all community members and constituents

Respect and Collaboration: To appreciate the dignity and worth of all persons, and commit to teamwork and cooperation in an open, civil, collegial, healthy and safe environment.

Community: To provide opportunities and resources that meet the needs of our local and global communities and hold ourselves accountable for the efficient and effective use of the human, physical and fiscal resources entrusted to us.

Affordability: To hold tuition and other student costs to the lowest level.

Sustainability: To meet the challenges of the present, both economic and environmental, without compromising the opportunities of the future.


Download a copy of The Adirondack Agenda HERE.